Too Late // The Arrival

A VFX Artist is tasked to work late on a project during the beginning of an intergalactic invasion.

The earth was a gift to the human race, a gift that we have neglected. A civilization more advanced have come from afar hearing stories of our creation. Their aim is to cleanse and re-populate our planet.
Our story takes place at the beginning of this conflict with unsuspecting victims working the night of the invasion.


Christiaan Van Vuuren, Connor Van Vuuren and Annette Melton

Written and Directed

Mike Gibson and Andy Sutton

Produced by FSM

Studio Building Outside

Flashes of light and meteorites streak across the night sky.

Inside the Studio

Scenes of an action movie on a projection screen.
Gunfire, explosions, action scenes and music.

Movie Ends

Title of the action movie revealed as "Too Late".


Film director jumps up excitedly from his chair at the end of the movie.

Director and Assistant

Director and his young assistant seated with the operator seen in background.


Film director tries to show off in front of his attractive female assistant.

Hands On

Director makes his move on the young assistant, placing his hand on her knee.

Get Away

The assistant dislikes the director's advances with a look of disgust and pushes his hand away.

Great Job

The assistant looks toward the back of the room and smiles. Praising and flirting with the operator at the back of the room.


The operator is flattered with the compliment and smiles at the beautiful assistant.


The assistant gazes admiringly at the operator. Clearly she likes him.


He responds and humbly says "Thanks".


The director can't believe what he is seeing, and the obvious chemistry between them. He becomes upset.

Time to Go

Angry at being rejected and ignored, the director tells the assistant to call a cab so they can leave immediately.


The operator feels the tension and glares at the sleazy director.

Time to Go

They walk over to the operator to say their goodbyes.

Great Job

The assistant chats with the operator and congratulates him again for great work done on the movie.

How About that Cab?

The director is unhappy with the assistant paying attention to the operator and tries to hurry her from the room.

Calling a Cab

Operator says goodbye to the assistant.


The director waits for the assistant to leave the room.

Not Happy

The director confronts the operator and tells him to work back late to finish other parts of the movie.


The operator can't believe he has to keep working.

The Door

Director walks toward the studio door.

Leave it Open

Director tries to joke about leaving the door open in case the operator is scared of the dark.

Door Open

Studio door is left partially open as the director leaves.

All Alone

The operator feels disappointed he can't go home.


Grabs his laptop and opens the screen to reveal a YouTube page showing videos of strange meteorites falling from the sky.


He opens iTunes and selects some music.


Places headphones on.

Back to Work

Slides his chair across to the editing console to continue working.

Sound FX and Vision

Operator continues working on the Too Late film.

Quiet Studio

Minimal music is heard from the headphones, then thudding noises from the studio roof.


Operator thinks he hears something but the noise has stopped.

Movie Editing

He continues working to finalise some editing.


Editing console saves the file.


He leans back and casually spins a stylus between his fingers then accidentally drops it to the floor.

Stylus Pickup

He leans down to pick up the stylus.

Door Creaks

As the operator picks up the stylus, the studio door creaks and opens unexpectedly.


He notices the door has opened but no one is there.


He stands and walks to the studio door to see if anyone is outside.

Studio Door

He calls out, but no one responds.


The hallway is empty and quiet.

Studio Door

He stands in the doorway looking up and down the hall.

Dark Shadow

A dark figure moves quickly and quietly inside the room, unknown to the operator.

Back Inside

He returns to the console and continues working.

Noises and Movement

Strange noises and a moving shadow catches his eye on the studio ceiling to the right of the projector screen.

Dark Figure

A dark figure moves quickly again, shuffling upside down on the ceiling.

Studio Ceiling

He leans forward trying to see through the darkened room.


Realising the object is big and moving fast, he panics and rushes backward to turn on the lights.


He desperately swipes and grabs at multiple light switches.


Lights now on, he freezes with terror knowing something is behind him. He turns around to see it.

Alien Creature

The alien creature stares and screams at the operator. He gasps, backing away in horror.

Outside the Studio

Seen from outside the studio door, the alien creature attacks the operator.

Door Slams

Studio door slams shut as the operator yells and the creature screams and attacks.

Noises, yelling and screams as they fight behind the closed door. Then silence.


Christiaan Van Vuuren, Connor Van Vuuren and Annette Melton

Written and Directed

Mike Gibson and Andy Sutton