Too Late // Re-Population

On the brink of an alien invasion Jess comes home, unsuspecting that her destiny is about to be horribly altered.


Adele Vuko, Annette Melton, Christiaan Van Vuuren

Written and Directed

Andy Sutton

Jess Arrives Home

Jess arrives in a taxi, returning home after a late night at work.

Footpath Entrance

Taxi leaves as Jess walks up the path to the house.

Too Late

Title of the movie appears in the stars - "Too Late" as a meteor passes by.

Front Porch

Jess walks up the porch steps to the front door, reaching for her keys inside her handbag.

Being Watched

View from behind the porch bannister. Someone or something appears to be watching as Jess keeps searching for keys.

Front Door

Jess enters the house.


She switches off the front porch light and takes off her shoes and jacket.

Hallway Noise

A loud noise from down the dark hall surprises and frightens her. She calls out to see who is there.

Bedroom Door

Jess reluctantly walks down the hallway to the bedroom door. She looks into the room.

The Painting

She is relieved to see the noise was just a painting that has fallen off the wall and onto the bed.


The painting has fallen on top of Jess's toy bear, Bobo. She lifts the painting to free Bobo from underneath.

Hanging the Painting

Jess stands up on the bed to re-hang the painting.

Her phone buzzes from inside her handbag.


She takes the phone from her bag to check the message.

Her boyfriend Aiden, a VFX artist, has to work back late.

Time for a Shower

Jess is annoyed at the "douchebag" director for making Aiden work back late again.

She heads toward the bathroom to shower.


Jess checks herself in the mirror.

Note From Aiden

She closes the cabinet door and sees a note stuck to the mirror, left there by Aiden.

Note says "I know it might seem like a tough decision, but we'll be fine. XXX".

Jess Thinks

She thinks about the note and wonders. She turns toward the shower.

Shower On

She turns on the shower.

Scene Outside the House

The neighboorhood is quiet, then a dark figure passes in front of the camera.


Jess walks from the bathroom after her shower. She files her nails as she walks back to the bed.

Nail File

She sits on the bed and continues filing her nails while thinking.

She places the nail file down and picks up her phone.

Phone Call

Jess decides to call Aiden.

Voicemail for Aiden

She leaves a message on Aiden's voicemail to tell him how she feels about her "decision" to start a family together.


Jess pulls up the blankets and climbs into bed with Bobo, then switches out the light.

Night Sky

Outside, the night sky lights up in the distance as a storm approaches.

Restless Sleep

Jess falls asleep, but starts tossing and turning in a nightmare.

Bedroom Door

The bedroom door is partially open. A dark figure creeps past outside the door down in the hallway.


Jess continues to toss and turn as her nightmare worsens. She becomes confused and calls out to Aiden.


The dark figure hears her call and enters the bedroom.

Open Door

The creature suddenly vanishes as Jess's nightmare continues.


Multiple creatures are seen at the foot of the bed, watching Jess as she struggles in her nightmare.

Reaching Forward

A creature reaches toward Jess and attacks in a blur between reality and Jess's nightmare.


Jess wakes up screaming and panicking. She notices deep scratches on her shoulder.


She grabs the nail file from the bedside table, holding it as weapon.

Flashes of light and noises from outside are now much closer and louder.

She cautiously moves toward the bedroom door to investigate, but is terrified.


She cautiously walks down the hallway.

Front Door

Light fills the hallway from the open front door.


She slowly walks toward the open front doorway.


Stepping outside, Jess looks out into the distance, unable to understand what she sees.

Alien Invasion

Meteorites crash into the city.

An alien creature climbs, stands and screams as the rain of meteorites crash to earth and explosions echo in the distance.

Jess in Pain

Jess screams and doubles over in pain.

The camera crash zooms into Jess's body.

Alien Embryo

Inside Jess's body an alien embryo turns and screams back at the aliens in the distance.